Investment Company FZE

Agricultural Commodities

Embark on a voyage through the trade of essential goods like wheat, barley, and palm oil, vital for sustaining and enriching lives.

Investment Consultancy

Our consultancy services offer a panoramic view of investment opportunities in the thriving landscapes of the Middle East and Asia, crafted to guide you through non-regulated investment avenues.

Trade Finance

Navigate the intricate web of global trade with our strategic financial insights and solutions, designed to empower your business endeavors.

Elevating Private Wealth

Capitalizing on our market acumen and profound understanding of the unregulated segments of the real economy, we cater to a select clientele. We are dedicated to guiding high net worth individuals and family offices in managing their investments, focusing on discretionary portfolio management, and a suite of services and solutions that align with their long-term wealth preservation and growth objectives.

Our approach for private clients and family offices is to craft bespoke solutions that resonate with their specific investment needs and goals. We provide tailored offerings that include a multi-asset investment vehicle and a multi-manager fund, specifically designed for unregulated markets. It is our priority to deliver personalized service, with a strategic focus on non-regulated activities, ensuring our clients’ investment objectives are met with the utmost precision and care.